Vietnam Life Style

Vietnam Family Life


Right from the primitive times to the present, regardless of the way to make a living, the family exists that provide the basic needs for the family members. Family places an indispensable part in Vietnamese life. There still exist extended families with two or three generations living under the same house. For married couples, it is common for both husband and wife to work, so their parents will help them keep an eye on young preschool children. In the absence of traditional caregivers, children are taken to a nursery school or daycare center during the day.


Vietnam Family Life


Traditionally, children are expected to be obedient and respectful toward elders, especially their parents and to help with household chores. Throughout the country, the lifestyle of Vietnamese is under a significant influence of age-old Confucian virtues of benevolence which respect social order, trustworthiness, determination, and the duty to help the less fortunate. Education is of great importance to Vietnamese people, so Vietnamese children are now given adequate education since they was at small age.


Vietnam Life in Countryside


Living in the city, you will have lots of convenient things, but there are also many reasons why people love living in the countryside. Vietnam is still a high agricultural society with nearly 30 percent of its population live in the rural areas scattered throughout the plains, mountains and coastal routes. People in this Southeast Asian country, especially in rural areas have long had reputation for being kind, hospitable and hard-working. In the process of historical development, Vietnam countryside is considered to be one of the agricultural centers arise early, especially with wet rice civilization. This work requires seasonal time, so everyone in the village can help each other when needed. With the habits of team-working and helping each other, they live in a small community with a temple or a communal culture where big events, such as village festival and traditional games are held.


Vietnam Life in Countryside


Villagers in the South often live in houses lined up along the center line and built them high away from the ground to be safe from flood water. Along the coastal lines, fishermen depend on the sea as a means of livelihood. In the central region of Vietnam, a place that have to suffer lots of natural disasters around the year, people tend to be more studious and hard - working than those in areas with favorable conditions. People in the Central Highlands and the northern mountains live by rice, rubber trees, coffee and tea cultivating as well as hunting. However, industrialization has created new types of work and different lifestyle in a country that used to depend mainly on agriculture. Instead of working in farms, many people choose to work in the industry or move to the city to find a good job.


Vietnam Life in Countryside


One of the great benefits of living in a rural is the fresh atmosphere. With busy lives and bustle urban, each time we step outside is like tortured, since we have not known how much dust and car fumes we inhaled. So why do not you try returning a countryside full of trees, the air is always fresh, the scenery, the calm, and the wind also occasionally hear of cotton grain flavor. You will love the peaceful life right there!


Vietnam Life in the City


Completely different with the countryside, life in the city is full of activity. People, from different areas, move to the city in hopes of a better life for themselves and their children. They work as clerks, merchants, teachers, government workers, factory workers and even street vendors or construction workers. Early in the morning hundreds of people rush out of their homes. So, the streets are full of traffic and traffic jams usually happens as a typical of Vietnam city. Shops and offices open, students flock to their schools and the day’s work begins. The city now throbs with activities, and it is full of noise.


Vietnam Life in the City


The high cost of living requires city residents, especially low - income people to work harder or to have a part-time job. For some people, began regular daily wake up in the morning to exercise in the park, preparing for a day of work and study, and then soaked in a crowded boulevard or street cramped full of motor scooters and come home after a busy day. They usually live in large houses, large villas, and condominiums or even in a small rental is equipped with modern amenities such as, telephone, television, and communication facilities satellite internet and so on. Industrialization and modernization and global integration have a big impact on the way we live in cities.


Vietnam Life in the City


With the coming of night, another kind of activity begins. The streets are now full of colorful lights. The air is cooler and life becomes more leisurely. People now seek for entertainments. Many visit the cinemas, parks, and clubs, while others remain indoors to watch television or listen to the radio. Some visit friends and relatives and some spend their time reading books and magazines. The city could, therefore, be described as a place of ceaseless activity. Here, the drama of life is enacted every day.

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