Five famous spiritual tourism spots in Ninh Binh

Not only famous for scenic as Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, etc. Ninh Binh is also known by many historic areas and spiritual attractions.

Beo trees - the unique advertisement in Mekong Delta

When having a chance to come to the floating market at Mekong Delta, you can see many “Beo” trees which suspended many kind of products. 

5 reasons why Vietnam attracts more and more tourists

Friendly, profound cuisine and beautiful landscapes though country…. That is the reasons why Vietnam attracts more and more tourists travel to.

The tours for 2nd September holiday

The golden holiday on 2nd September this year lasts 4 consecutive days. This is a fascinating travel opportunities for visitors with hundreds of Asia tour lines and tours across the country.

Devote yourself to An Giang countryside painting

The gentle and charming beauty of An Giang attracts people when they come here. Let’s admire the wonderful frame of An Giang through the eyes of a backpacker.

Marble mountain – the masterpiece of “rock-garden” in the heart of Da Nang

With cave systems, pagodas and traditional villages, Marble mountain (Ngu Hanh Son) is attractive stopover on the journey to discover Central Heritage.

Five experiences that you cannot miss when traveling to Dak Lak

Dak Lak is the most pristine area in the Central Highland. It will give you the extremely interesting experience about the culture and nature of Vietnam.

The beautiful Hoi An in the morning sunshine

Travelling to Hoi An in the beginning of August, tourists can enjoy the delicate ancient town in the morning sunshine together ancient houses

Living slowly in the old French space

At Ana Mandara Villas Dalat, you and your family can temporary escape from the modern life and join together to experience the happy moments in the cozy space of yellow walls, old tile roof villas.

Trang An become a world Heritage Site

On June 23rd, the World Heritage Committee UNESCO had officially recorded Trang An, Ninh Binh, Vietnam in World Heritage list.

The beautiful garden in Hue

The Hue’s garden owns not only its noble feature but also its traditional color. An Hien is the typical garden in 7 gardens, which located on 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street away 100 meter from Thien Mu pagoda, in the history land – Kim Long aside the Perfume river bank.

Mui Ne is one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia

Beside Mui Ne beach there are many beautiful beaches from other countries such as: Thailand, Indonesia…

Tips for a perfect vacation in Hoi An

With the old roofs, crystal clear blue beach of Cua Dai and countless interesting experiences, Hoi An is a fascinating destination that always captivates visitors.

Top 5 beautiful rocky beaches in Vietnam

Coming to the center of Vietnam, you mostly surprise with the beautiful rocky beaches which is one of the must to see places in Vietnam. They own their beautiful natural landscapes and many mystery things for discovery!

Muong Thanh – The Northwest’s largest field

Many people believe that the Northwest has only terraces but also is popular with 4 large fields. Top of the list is Muong Thanh field with an area of over 140 km2.

Bai Dinh pagoda – the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia from high view

Bai Dinh pagoda (Ninh Binh) has a massive architecture, located on area of 700ha with 20 items and is holding many records in Vietnam.

Cat Ba (Hai Phong) – Pristine and exotic

Cat Ba island (Hai Phong) consists of small islands, including the main Cat Ba island (also known as Pearl island). With a healthy climate, the average temperature of 25 degrees, many beautiful beaches and pristine forests, Cat Ba is one of the most attractive destinations of the region.

Da Lat – the romantic dating city

With gentle beauty, mild climate, Da Lat became the place for dating couples, but it is also idea  for anyone looking to experience to leave the noisy urban.

Trang An populations become the dual world heritage

With the meet criteria for both nature and culture, this afternoon, Trang An populations have been recognized as the world cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO, became the first mixed heritage in Vietnam. 

Explore Vinh Luong – Nha Trang sea route

Starting from Tran Phu bridge to the north, Pham Van Dong street (serial Tran Phu street) with more than 15km length embraces one part of Nha Trang city, along the beach stretching to Vinh Luong.

Binh Thuan with irresistible attractions

With pristine beaches, golden sand dunes or colorful rocks in the sun, Binh Thuan is always an attractive destination to tourists.

Ba Na reached the top 11 destinations with the most impressive cable car in the world

More than 5km long, Ba Na cable car connects from the foot of Ba Na mountain to the Vong Nguyet peak (Ba Na tourist area – Mo stream) can carry 1.500 passengers/hour, total funding invested over 30 million Euro.

The majestic Ponagar towers

Not only possesses a long coastline, with sandy beaches, large coral reefs, Nha Trang still retains a lot of historical monuments, ancient culture.

Foreign press impressed with the Dragon bridge in Da Nang

Dragon bridge in Da Nang is described by specializing in travel writer Josh Lew of page as the place that visitors want to come back because of spectacular impressive “dragon fumes and spouts and discolors” performances.

The most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam

Vietnam has always been known for its beautiful natural scenery, majestic waterfalls on across the country can demonstrate this very clearly.

Enjoy bustling atmosphere of World Cup 2014 in Ho Chi Minh city

Summer 2014 is the time for the World Cup in Brazil. However, you do not need to go to Brazil to watch it. All around the world are busy with this period of time. Vietnam too, especially in Ho Chi Minh City is also hotter than ever with each match in Brazil. 

Lan Ha bay - pristine beauty of the morning dew

Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Ha Long bay (Quang Ninh) and in the east of Cat Ba island (Hai Phong), with an area of ​​over 7,000ha of which 5,400ha is under the management of Cat Ba National Park.

The summer scene of Moc Chau

Moc Chau is the most beautiful and biggest plateau of northern mountains. There is temperate climate, cool atmosphere, suitable for traveling. Every year, it has welcomed thousands of visitors. Currently, many areas of eco-tourism have developed on Moc Chau town and Moc Chau farm.

Pa Sy waterfall ecotourism area – New destination in Kon Tum

Pa Sy waterfall ecotourism area located in Kon Tu Rang village of Ro Man people, Mang Canh commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, far from the center of Kon Plong district 6km to the northwest. This place brings a wild beauty with pristine pine forests and waterfalls and lakes system. The climate is fresh, cool year round.

A memorable visit to War Remnants Museum

The War Remnants Museum at 28 Vo Van Tan St, District 3 in HCM City is a reliable place that denounces war crimes and highlights Vietnamese people’s heroic struggles for national independence

The hundreds of years old French Structural Opera House in Vietnam

Built in the same time and own a typical French structure but each opera house in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City owns its special feature creating a main point for the city.

The attractive tourist destinations in Dien Bien

Besides the historic sites, Dien Bien is also attractive visitors with great scenery and closed to nature.

Back to Nui Thanh for cool Rang beach

Summer days, everyone also wants to go to a cool place to rest and release the muggy of the weather. Rang Beach (Tam Quang town, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam) is an interesting destination for tourists after the noise of the town.

Discovering Tay Do night market – Can Tho

Tay Do night market (located on Western Culture Park, Binh Thuy district) is bustle from 4pm when small traders are busy to display goods, preparing for a fair.

Vitality of Mong traditional village in Sapa

Cat Cat village is a must-see for visitors to Sapa because of its beautiful landscape and the unique cultural traditions of the Mong ethnic minority people. 

The 800 year old banian tree in Da Nang becomes the Vietnam heritage

The Son Tra Banian Tree is 22 meter height, the perimeter of the tree-trunk and auxiliary tree-trunk up to 85 meter with its 800 years old is honored to be a heritage tree in Vietnam.

Ten biggest yachts in Vietnam

In spite of without the world’s most spectacular super yachts, Vietnam does not lack the international standards yachts.

The beautiful lakes in Central Highlands

Poetic Xuan Huong lake, peaceful Lak Lake, legend T’nung Lake, etc…are the famous tourist destinations in the central highland and very attractive to tourists.

Gathering in Binh Ba Island for enjoying lobster

Two weekend days in Binh Ba Island (Khanh Hoa) makes the group of friends to have an unforgettable moment here. The new destination, plentiful specialty with a reasonable price is a plus for the Binh Ba Excursion in the summer.

The best time to visit Vietnam

Weather and climate can often affect how much you enjoy your vacation and what activities are feasible during your travels.  In Vietnam especially, this is a huge consideration.  With more than 2000 miles between the Northern and Southern tips of the country, the weather in Vietnam in incredibly varied. 

My Khe - one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet

Da Nang is given by "Mother Nature" many pristine picturesque beaches. Forbes - American leading economy journal voted My Khe (Da Nang) is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet.

Special markets are held only once a year in Viet Nam

Markets have no crush, no bargain, sellers and buyers come here to spray for their luck and money.

7 entertainment destinations on the top of Hanoi

Café & restaurant can be a stop for enjoy the life from above with the nice view which is suitable for dating.

Six modern buildings have beautiful architecture in Vietnam

Bitexco financial tower, Dragon bridge, etc. are modern buildings make urban more beautiful, the pride of Vietnamese on the development of their homeland.

Some delicious cuisines have to try once coming to Hai Phong

With plentiful cuisines and its distinctions in each flavor, you shouldn’t miss “Banh Da Cua”, “Nem cua Be” or Chilly bread when coming to land at the port. Far 100 Km away from Hanoi, the red flamboyant city starts its summer with the street full of student flower and many tourists stopover in this place.

Some delicious fruit from the Northwest mountain in Vietnam

In the summer, there are many kind of fruit expected, such as: Bich Nhi peach, Meo apple, green plum…

Discover the mysterious Lai Chau

With the soft terraced fields, twist as silk run around steep hillsides, Lai Chau is just like a girl waiting to be awakened.

The Romantic Beauty of Vinh Hy Bay

Attractive, interesting, surprising, interesting and adventurous are adjectives to express tourists’ feelings once coming to Vinh Hy, Ninh Thuan.

The stunning waterfalls in the North

The cascades like soft silk from the sky down to bring the natural and gentle beauty with many stories, legends are handed down.

The various delicious cuisines at Southern Cuisine Party

Taking place from 29th May to 1st June, the southern cuisine party attracts many delicious cuisines from the southern, center and highland provinces.

Lagi Beach in Binh Thuan

Far 150 Km away from Ho Chi Minh City, the Lagi Beach is recently known by tourists so it is still a neglected es accompany with seafood specialties.

Tam Hai – the choral of heaven and earth

People in Tam Hai commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province draw the shape of village where they are living like a wine gourd.

7 prisons attract visitors in Vietnam

Thua Phu prison, Hue is known as a place associated with a significant milestone in the life of General Vo Nguyen Giap.

Trang An scenic view from the “flying camera”

Trang An, Bai Dinh, Tam Coc – Bich Dong populations brought a strange beauty from high view. This eco-tourism area has ranked as the particularly important national monument.

Traditional lotus flowers bring joy to Mekong farmers and tourists

When trying to find somewhere to go during weekends, one of my friend suggested making a trip to the Dong Thap Muoi (Plain of Reeds), 165km west from HCM City, to watch lotuses in full bloom. Curious, my friends and I later drove down to the "Land of Lotuses".

Four beautiful beaches should to visit when coming to Quang Tri

Not only famous for the revolutionary monuments, this land also owns many beautiful beaches, pellucid water with pleasant price services such as Cua Tung, Cua Viet.

The green tea hills in the North of Vietnam

The green tea hills in the North of Vietnam have wide square that fascinating tourists when they come here at first time. In the harvested season, the smell of tea pervades everywhere from Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai…

Destinations at the weekend near Ha Noi for backpackers

Besides the tourist areas are familiar with the traditional tours, let’s explore the favorite destinations where is near Ha Noi capital of backpackers.

TripAdvisor honors two hotels with excellent services in Hanoi

Hilton Hanoi Opera and Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi have just received the award “Excellent quality service certification in 2014” from the biggest tourist website in the world – TripAdvisor.

Foreign tourists ride their bikes and plant trees in Cuc Phuong

Joining the annual activity called “ReCycle” of responsible tourism club (RTC), the foreign visitors have a chance to experience cycling on the peaceful road leading to Cuc Phuong (Ninh Binh).

Discover six unique destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is considered as one the destinations attracting lots of tourists. Here, there is not only the beautiful structure but it is also a strange destination to discover.

Seven royal tombs should visit in Hue

Nguyen Dynasty has 13 kings but due to the economy and politics reasons, there are just 7 royal tombs were built, all remaining today with particular architecture.

A rare peaceful Saigon

With the 5-day national holiday, many people return their hometown or travel makes the streets of Saigon clear. The movement is more comfortable. Traffic jams as usual is no longer happening.

The famous ancient architecture of Saigon

Ben Thanh Market, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. is the unique architecture with hundreds of years and are considered symbols of Ho Chi Minh city.

Dinh Cau night market – the attraction of Phu Quoc pearl island

Dinh Cau market is busiest from 7:00 to 10:00pm every night. The visitors are not only shopping jewelry but also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood.

The most famous milestones in Vietnam

Besides four milestones at four poles East, West, South, North, Vietnam also has another milestones such as 3143 milestones at Fansipan, Lung Cu flagpole that attracting many people. Here are six milestones that any adventurous tourists want to come once.

10 things that American tourists like doing in Vietnam

The Huffing Post page lists 10 things that American tourists should do when traveling in Vietnam, including going to market and karaoke late at night.

Discovering 39 more caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang

The explorers from Britain recorded 39 more caves with 17km length of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park system (Quang Binh).

Six destinations in Vietnam that attract the international stars

The Brangelina couple was attracted by Con Dao beauty. Meanwhile, the Mark Zuckerberg couple chose Sapa for relaxation.

The cloudy seas that attract tourists in Vietnam

Standing in front of the vast cloudy seas in Y Ty or reach your hands to hug cloud in Ta Chi Nhu are the moments that make many people want to come.

A weekend picnic in Thung Nai

Considered as “Ha Long Bay on land”, Thung Nai, Hoa Binh brings a charm of the rivers and mountains. Come here on full moon nights, you seem like stray into picturesque scenery with mystical moonlight on the lake.

Discover the stunning beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc waterfall is Vietnam’s scenic reach the top of four most beautiful border waterfall on planet.

The eight most things of Vietnam on the backpacking world map

Beautiful Ha Long Bay, the world’s largest cave Son Doong, pristine Dai Beach, etc. will make you feel more proud of two words Vietnam.

Wild beauty of Ly Son island

Each flock of seagulls back to the cliff nesting or the image of pellucid sea water and white sand make an idyllic, wild beauty in Ly Son island (Quang Ngai).

The most amazing places to “hide from summer sun” in Vietnam

Tropical monsoon climate brought the sweltering sun, whoever must find someone to escape from the harsh weather. Here are some places have fresh air and beautiful scenery that you can choose to “hide from the sun”.

British newspaper “compliments” the super-freighter in Vietnam

Britain’s Daly Mail newspaper recently published a series of pictures of Dutch photographers about the great ability to balance when loading of Vietnamese motorcycle riders.

Museum of Vietnam Ethnology receives the third excellence certificate

The famous tourism website TripAdvisor has continued to award Excellence certificate in 2014 for the Museum of Vietnam Ethnology.

The Road Crossing Tips in Vietnam

If you have a Vietnam traveling plan, you can determine to forget all things about crossing in your country. Road crossing in Vietnam is known as an “art” and the road crosser is not only an “artist” but it also needs a little of brave and bold.

4 changes make Phu Quoc Island more attractive

Not only does supporting more straight flights, but government also renew streets. Moreover, Ngoc Island of Kien Giang province becomes more and more attractive because this island caught national grid. Thus, it is convenient for tourists when visiting Phu Quoc island.

10 reasons make you fascinated Da Lat City

Nature and people in Da Lat are described by poems, art. Here is feeling about beauties in Da Lat which made you take backpack to travel immediately.

Some of destinations on the Ninh Thuan sunny land

The Ninh Thuan discovery journey all depends on one’s time, financial condition or hobby and it may be different.  However, the common impressions about the blue sky and friendly smile of citizen will come to all of tourists. 

The largest Worldwide Arms Museum in Vietnam

The museum has 500 ancient effigies who wear military uniform, precious weapons on over the world. It’s such an interesting place that you should visit at least once.

Be cool in a hot summer at a town of western beer at Ta Hien

Be in a corner of a Ta Hien town, enjoying the fresh beer and watching the flows of people passing each other is an antifebrile way that tourists choose when coming to Hanoi these days.

Exhibiting the Long Bien Bridge – the bridge of art

From 18th May to 25th June, at the Heritage art space (Dolphin Plaza, 17 Tran Binh, Hanoi) taking place an exhibition “Long Bien Bridge – the bridge of art”. This is an event in a 15-year anniversary Hanoi is recognized as “the city for peace” by UNESCO and 112 years anniversary Long Bien Bridge is built.

The great Museum of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine in Sai Gon

Located on the corner of Hoang Du Khuong, District 10, the Museum of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine (FiTo) is the first private Traditional Medical Museum in Vietnam.

10 weirdest requirements and complains of tourists in hotel

Insomnia due to snoring too loud girlfriend or too cold ice cream is also a reason for tourists to complain their hotel

Video “across Vietnam street” is on foreign journalists

Walking through the streets of Vietnam incalculable danger, when the road is for pedestrians only for decoration, in consideration of a Dutch website.

The Northern destinations for cooling down in summer

Only the beginning of summer, but many people have looked for some destinations with cool atmosphere to go to such as Ba Vi, Moc Chau, Tam Dao and avoid the heat.

Wild and romantic Con Dao island

Con Dao used to be known as the most mysterious island on over the world. Nowadays, Con Dao has fascinated more and more tourists by its wild beach and peaceful sceneries

7 beautiful place in Vietnam in the eyes of foreigners

Beside Hue, Hoi An, Ben Tre is also a destination which are evaluated a place that you shouldn’t miss by foreign tourists.

Festival “Cuisine of the South” on May 29th

Festival “Cuisine of the South” with many attractive activities will takes place from May 29th to June 1st at Dam Sen cultural park (District 11, HCMC).

Ho Chi Minh City authorities pledge to protect foreign investors

Mr. Le Hoang Quan, the leader of People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, pledges to try their best to protect the foreign investors before riots happened the previous days.

Vietnam committed to ensure the safety of foreign citizens

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry said it would use all measures necessary to ensure the safety of human and property of foreign firms, after some violent protests against China’s oil rig.

Snorkeling and scuba-diving in Nha Trang bay

After a few minutes to get used to water pressure and tinnitus, tourists can walk beneath the sea and admire the beauty of the colorful ocean.

Vietnam is the number one in lowest cost traveling in 2014

With more than 7 USD, you can hire a room and enjoy a bowl of Pho and a beer in Vietnam. The Skyscenner just announces the list of 10 tourist destinations the lowest cost traveling in 2014, in which Vietnam is number one.

Vietnam sticky rice in the list of world cuisine festival

The National Geographic just announces the list of 10 unique traditional cuisines, in which there is Banh Chung and Banh Day in Vietnam. 

Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Children in Vietnam

The tourism industry in Vietnam has grown tremendously since the mid 90s.  Previously thought of as a war torn and inaccessible country, it is now a thriving tourist destination in Southeast Asia.  When traveling in a large group of people with varying ages, interests, and tastes, it can be difficult to plan a cohesive trip that suits everyone.

Inside the first 6 USD -Capsule- hotel room in Vietnam

Capsule is a hotel style that is suitable for targeted guest, those who usually out during the day. With an area of 2m2, a capsule chamber is fully equipped with amenities such as television, air conditioner, wifi, etc…

Handmade cake with 15.000VND in a coffee shop

Within 40,000 Vnd, lots of Hanoi teenagers can come to this coffee shop to make cakes and enjoy coffee. 

Hanoi Street food in eyes of foreign tourist

Hanoi is known as the street food paradise in foreign tourists’ eyes. The food stall is hidden in alleys to alleys as a maze in the heart of Hanoi old quarter. In each excursion of Hanoi old quarter, tourists can easy explore many diversity and attractive local food from dog meat to noodle with snails, specialty.

Mekong River is one of 10 best fascinating rivers on over the world.

Mekong River, which is rated by Touropia – the famous international tourism website, is one of 10 best fascinating rivers on over the world through Laos, Manma, Thailand, Cambodia before draining into the Eastern Sea in Vietnam.

Ha Noi will celebrate Capital Liberation Day by shooting firework

The Government in Ha Noi City are going to shooting firework at 30 places from 9pm to 9.15pm on October 10th. (60 years Capital Liberation Day October 10th 1954 – October 10th 2014)

The wonderful pictures about Son Doong - the biggest cave in the world

Son Doong is seen to be the biggest cave in the world that human explored up to now. The cave is in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. Son Doong is so big that a 40-storey house can be in. Son Doong cave is firstly discovered by in 1999 but until 2009, when an English people expedition comes to discover Son Doong, it is the time everyone knows this wonderful cave.

Foreigners are fascinated Vietnamese rice fields

In April, rice fields in Middle of Vietnam become yellow and are laden rice flower which fascinating thousands of tourisits.

Festival Hue attracts almost 10000 tourists from 100 countries

According to Statistics of 2014 Festival Hue organization, in 6 days taking place the festival in Hue land (from 11 to 16 April, 2014) there are almost 10.000 tourists of 100 countries coming to Hue capital for evidence and entertainment.

Peaceful Hanoi in the National holidays

The April 30th and May first is a national holiday that last for 5 days. Many families have gone out of the city for relax or back to their hometown. Ha Noi traffic can be rarely away form the usual overcrowding

The exciting festivals in May

May is a month for opening the most eventful festivals over the world with dumpling festival in Hong Kong, picking up elephants in India and candle race in Italy. Be in flow of the stream of people to participate in overall festivals around the continent from Asia, Europe, to American as below.

Vietnam parades for Dien Bien Phu victory anniversary

Stating to raise the curtain in 60-year Anniversary for the combat in a state of ferment, the president Truong Tan Sang affirms the Dien Bien Phu combat is always a bright landmark of the nation. After many days of preparation, early in 7th May, the 60-year Dien Bien Phu victory anniversary which is well known in continents takes place in the cheers of millions of people. The weather in Dien Bien is also good.

The Glamor Fields Of The Northern Vietnam

Thanks to the nature for any special beauties of the far mountain area, the north is with many beautiful romantic scenes which make tourists once come here to keep in mind any unforgettable moments about this area. 

The street food that you cannot pass by once coming to Da Nang

Coming to Da Nang, tourists not only enjoy the best attractions here but also taste the very best cuisine as a symbol of Da Nang’s cuisine.

The prince Abu Dhabi in Phong Nha

Knowing to Phong Nha – Ke Bang from trip discovering Son Doong, the biggest cave in the world on February, 2014, after2 months the prince Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from Abu Dhabi (UAE) goes with friends back to Phong Nha.

The colorful market fairs in Ha Giang rocky plateau

Ha Giang market fairs are not only where people trade their goods but also the place where tourists can experience the cultural identity of many different minority ethnics.

Tourist can join many market fairs when coming to the districts of Ha Giang such as Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, etc…